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Unveiling The New Garrett G-Smart Module

Unveiling The New Garrett G-Smart Module

Main Features

  • Bluetooth operation transmits data from the module to the G-Smart application.
  • Modern display with live turbo speed and boost pressure (if connected) readings.
  • Gauge sweep will transition colour (G, Y, R) signalling the approach to max-rated turbo speed.
  • The marker on the gauge sweep indicates peak turbo speed.
  • Display up to 120 seconds of turbo speed and boost data in an easy-to-view graphical format.
  • Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Easy installation and configuration with pre-set Garrett models and part numbers.
  • Create custom configurations for Garrett turbochargers without pre-machined speed sensor ports or non-Garrett manufactured turbochargers.
  • Min/Max Turbo speed and boost pressure are stored in the app for future analysis.
Garrett G-Smart Module

G-Smart Installation Instructions

The new Garrett G-Smart Module seamlessly connects to your turbocharger to transmit turbo speed and boost, directly to your phone, via Bluetooth. The Module provides insights into your turbocharger's performance, giving the ability to optimise durability and performance, ensuring operation within recommended RPM limits, boasting a user-friendly plug-and-play wiring harness compatible with a wide range of speed sensors, including those from other manufacturers.


Starting at AUD$1083.50 for the base unit, and up to AUD$1501.50 for the top range.


  • Easy to Install and Setup

    • No more tangled wires and tedious setups. With Bluetooth capability, there is no need for wires.
    • The plug-and-play harness accepts Garrett flanges and threaded style speed sensors.
    • The Sensor Setup menu is loaded with existing Garrett Turbocharger part numbers, models, compressor wheel blade counts and max-rated turbo speed.
    • Custom configurations can also be created for Garrett models without speed sensor ports or for non-Garrett manufactured turbochargers that utilise the same style speed sensors.
  • Diagnostics Data

    • The G-Smart App stores some historical data for review.
      • Minimum and maximum turbo RPM.
      • Minimum and maximum Boost.
      • Module Temperature.
      • Module Voltage.
      • 5 most recent overspeed occurrences.
  • Display Settings

    • The G-Smart App display can be adjusted to your preferences.
      • Adjust the plot length up to 120 seconds.
      • Min/Max Turbo Speed display range.
      • Min/Max Boost Pressure display range.
  • Sensor Settings

    • The G-Smart App is easy to configure.
      • Preloaded Garrett turbo part numbers with max-rated turbo speed and blade count.
      • Preloaded Boost pressure sensors with voltage calibrations.
      • Adjust for PSI or BAR.
      • Custom “User Inputs” can be created for non-Garrett manufactured turbochargers that use the same style of speed sensors.

With its Bluetooth connectivity, user-friendly app, and industry accolades, Garrett says the G-Smart Module is a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the performance racing segment.

Garrett G-Smart Module

Installation Guide


Analysing Turbo Performance

Offering real-time insights into turbo speed and boost pressure. Through its dynamic gauge and graphical display, users gain an illustration of the engine's performance metrics, empowering informed decision-making for maximum efficiency and power. Beyond visualisation, the module's robust data logging capabilities enable meticulous recording and analysis of turbocharger behaviour over time. Acting as a proactive guardian, it alerts users to potential overspeed scenarios, preventing damage and premature failure while ensuring both optimal performance and long-term durability. The G-Smart Module sets a new standard for turbocharger monitoring and optimisation in the performance industry.


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