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Revving-Legacy-Goleby-s-1JZ-Powered-KE36-Corolla Goleby's Parts

Revving Legacy: Goleby's 1JZ-Powered KE36 Corolla

Goleby's Parts purchased this Ke36 Panelvan back in around 2012 with the intention of using it as a parts delivery Van for the business, The car was purchased for $500 running and driving with a 5k engine and 5 speed gearbox.

First Build,

The first build of our corolla was a turbocharged 4k engine, the engine internals were all standard except for a set of upgraded Valve springs and using a single Ct12A turbocharger blowing through a 32/36 weber carburetor we made 160rwhp. This build then upgraded to Efi with the help of a Microtech ecu, custom intake manifold and injector setup with the end result being 180rwhp with e85 and 24psi of boost. At this stage we had a Trimatic auto gearbox and standard diff still fitted and managed a best 1/4 mile of 13.8 seconds (logged via the GPS Microtech dash).

Around 5000kms driven on this setup.


Second Build, 

One Friday afternoon we thought about the great idea of building a reliable 10 second daily whilst not breaking the bank, so we set ourselves a budget of around $10k to see what we could achieve. Out came the grinder and the stock internal 1JZ engine was mounted in the engine bay by the end of the weekend.


The basic run down of this setup was as follows,


Standard internal 1JZGTE non Vvti engine

Precision 5858 Journal bearing turbo

Turbosmart 45mm wastegate

Custom 2-1 exhaust manifold

Microtech lt15c ecu

1000cc injectors

Bosch 044 Fuel pump

Standard A340 gearbox with upgraded valve body and convertor

PWR trans cooler

Stock RN10 hilux diff with hilux LSD

Stock Xt130 corona front struts and brakes 

450 x 300 x 76 mm intercooler

3" exhaust

All this turned into 500RWHP at 33psi and 10.3 Quarter mile times, and continued this way for a year or so. Around 10000kms travelled on this setup.

Third Build,

This is where we got more serious and added some HP with the following parts,

282 Camtech Cams

Supertech valve springs and retainers

Built A340 gearbox

Plazmaman 600x300x76 intercooler

Haltech PS2000

Precision 6870 Turbocharger

Twin 044 Bosch fuel pumps

Bosch 1600cc injectors

Plazmaman intake manifold

Goleby's Parts Yaris coil kit

With these upgrades power jumped to 730RWHP and got us into 8 seconds over the 1/4 mile at 154mph. Around 20000kms travelled on this setup.


After this is when the final and current build took place with a more detailed list below,



Precision 7275 Turbocharger
Turbosmart Gen V 50mm Red Pro-Gate Wastegate
Turbosmart Gen V Red Raceport
6Boost Custom V-Band High Mount Manifold 
Goleby's Parts Turbo Beanie





Plazmaman 1JZ-GTE Black Billet Intake Manifold
72mm Throttle Body, Single 6 injector fuel rail
Plazmaman Pro Series Intercooler - 600 x 300 x 76
Custom Intercooler Piping using Goleby's clamps / Silicone joiners




GRT (Gilroy's Race Transmissions) Built A340
GRT 4500 RPM Converter
PWR 28 Row Oil Cooler + Spal Fan
RN10 Hilux Diff, standard Axles, 3.5 ratio, aftermarket LSD centre
XT130 Front struts and brakes with DBA Slotted Rotors and Brake Pads
Standard suspension Front and Rear with Whiteline rear swaybar and custom traction arms




Haltech Elite 2500T + Custom Terminated Harness
Haltech WBC-1
Haltech Dash
PRP R35 Coil Kit
Bosch Motorsports Sensors
Haltech Sensors




Bosch Motorsport Australia 1650cc Injectors
Turbosmart FPR 1200 V2
2 x Bosch Motorsports 200 (044 V2) Fuel Pumps
Goleby's Parts Feed & Return Lines
Speedflow Billet Fuel Filter
Custom Fuel Cell




Toyota 1JZ-GTE VVT-I
Goleby's Parts 900hp Package
CP Pistons 9:0:1 Compression
Spool Imports I Beam Conrods
ARP Main Studs
ACL Race Big End & Main Bearings
Goleby's Parts Modified Toyota 2JZ-GTE Oil Pump
Kelford Cams V229-D 272/278 Cams
Kelford Cams KVS109-1JZ Valve Springs
CNC Ported Head
Brian Crower Intake & Exhaust Valves
Toyota Shim less Bucket Conversion
ARP 203-4205 Head Studs
GRP Full Gasket Kit
Gates Racing Timing Kit + Goleby's Parts + Ross Engineering Billet Tensioner
Toyota Water Pump
Ross Performance Parts Race Series Harmonic Balancer




14" Toyota Corona steel rims,
Fronts standard 14 x 5", rears Modified to 15 x 8"
235/60-15 MT radial rear tyres 


2 x Velo Bucket Seats
PWR Radiator
Goleby's Parts Silicone Radiator Joiners
Goleby's Parts Fittings and hose Throughout
Performance Results, 
Winner QLD Roll racing
Flying 500 entrant 230kmh (driven 1500km round trip)
Sydney Jamboree entrant (driven 1500km round trip)

Best ET 8.77 (770hp)
Best MPH 158 (820hp)
Current 898hp at the hubs 36psi


Currently around 10000kms Travelled on this setup (2022)

Still used for delivery duty's at Goleby's Parts to this day.



Media Credits,, Vich dog 2012, HP Academy, 4020 Media, Bero Photography, JNG Images

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