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GRP-Engineering-s-A90-B58-Supra-Test-Mule Goleby's Parts

GRP Engineering's A90 B58 Supra "Test Mule"

A90 R&D Car


With the FT-1 Concept car released in 2014 we told ourselves that if Toyota actually brought something to the market that looked anything like the concept we would buy it without hesitation, and low and behold 5 years later the 2019 Supra landed in our garage.  

 We have a load of plans in the future for this car including a Stroker motor, 6 Port head swap and a large frame Turbo upgrade, but for now here's where we are at.

Current HP

770WHP G35-1050 at 31PSI (With 50HP Nos)

E85 fuel / Stock motor / Stock Gearbox




GRP Engineering Turbo kit including the following 
Garrett G35-1050 Vband 1.01 A/R
6Boost Stainless Billet low Mount Manifold - 50mm Wastegate Provision





 CSF Billet intake manifold / intercooler





Driveshaft shop axles

Everything else Stock 





 Stock Ecu Tuned for direct injection and Gearbox

Haltech elite 750 for auxiliary functions inc

Bosch 731 cc port injectors

Boost control 

Nitrous control

All tuned by Simply Tuning 





 Stock fuel system for Direct Injection

Auxiliary fuel system added inc

 Bosch 731cc injectors

Radium surge tank and pump

Fuel regulator

Custom fuel lines









 Belak Billet Supra Wheels

Skinnies front 

275/50/17 rears





PWR Cooling package

Main Radiator

Auxiliary Radiators x 2

WTA Radiator


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