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New Product Announcement

  • Haltech-Do-you-like-what-UC Goleby's Parts
    December 8, 2023

    Haltech - Do you like what UC?

    Goleby's Parts is at the frontline with announcements attending PRI 2023, we are finally glad to release this information about Haltech's new 10inch dash display. *Price below is USD. Australians RRP will be $2950inc. Get kept up to date with prices...

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  • Haltech-Nexus-Rebel-LS Goleby's Parts
    October 31, 2023

    Haltech Nexus Rebel LS

    Are you ready to Rebel?Get kept up to date with prices and early pre orders by leaving a comment with your name and email address. The latest addition to the Haltech Nexus Range is the Nexus Rebel LS, specifically designed for...

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  • New-Product-Announcement-MCA-Pro-Drift Goleby's Parts
    May 5, 2023

    New Product Announcement: MCA - Pro Drift

    With MCA Suspension’s own director being a highly experienced and a successful competitor in national and international drift events including Drift Australia and D1NZ, we have a long history of designing suspension products and setups for drift applications from entry-level,...

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  • New-Product-Announcement-Link-G5-Voodoo-Pro Goleby's Parts
    December 14, 2022

    New Product Announcement: Link G5 Voodoo Pro

    Discover the next generation of engine management, with our most flexible, most powerful, most advanced ECU ever, designed from the ground up to unleash the latest and most cutting-edge engines. Link - G5 Voodoo Pro — Goleby's Parts The G5 Voodoo...

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  • New-Product-Announcement-Turbosmart-Modular-System Goleby's Parts
    November 16, 2022

    New Product Announcement: Turbosmart Modular System

    Turbosmart Releases New Modular System for Vacuum Reference and Remote Sensor Mounting Turbosmart is excited to release a new Modular system for vacuum reference and sensor distribution. The modular system includes vacuum reference distribution blocks and remote mounting sensor manifolds,...

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  • New-Product-Announcement-Haltech-Linear-Position-Sensors Goleby's Parts
    September 8, 2022

    New Product Announcement: Haltech Linear Position Sensors

    LINEAR POSITION SENSORS Most commonly used as shock travel sensors, the Linear Position Sensors can also be used to measure gearbox shaft position, differential angle, or in any application that requires linear position data. In short, these simple sensors can...

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