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Staff Rides

  • Zac's Subaru WRX
    July 5, 2024

    Zac's Subaru WRX

    Originally bought this car for a daily/family car and well that didn't go to plan at all.. Removed the engine one weekend to do some general maintenance/ new clutch and when the engine was put back in, on first start...

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  • Brocks-AWD-JZX105-Mark-II Goleby's Parts
    August 3, 2023

    Brock's AWD JZX105 Mark II

    We purchased this freshly imported car in mid 2022 with the intensions of building a fun and reliable all-wheel drive JZ powered machine. This car is super rare being factory all-wheel drive, so it was the perfect platform to start...

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  • Ethan-s-1995-EF-Ford-Falcon-XR6 Goleby's Parts
    January 24, 2023

    Ethan's 1995 EF Ford Falcon XR6

      "I bought this XR6 a few months ago as a running project car, it was an old build done probably 10 years ago so I knew it was going to need a few things. Not long after owning it...

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  • GRP-Engineering-s-A90-B58-Supra-Test-Mule Goleby's Parts
    July 28, 2022

    GRP Engineering's A90 B58 Supra "Test Mule"

    A90 R&D Car   With the FT-1 Concept car released in 2014 we told ourselves that if Toyota actually brought something to the market that looked anything like the concept we would buy it without hesitation, and low and behold...

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  • Kristian-s-MX83-1JZ-Cressida Goleby's Parts
    May 19, 2022

    Kristian's MX83 1JZ Cressida

    (2008-2014) Kristian purchased his 1JZ Cressida in around 2008 for the sum of $1500 as a complete driving 1JZ converted MX83 Cressida with a suspected blown head gasket. After a general check over it was found the engine to be...

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  • Naomi-s-Nug-2JZ-GTE-Nissan-S15 Goleby's Parts
    April 6, 2022

    Naomi's "Nug" 2JZ-GTE Nissan S15

    Naomi picked up her S15 in 2014, with the intent to build a tidy all-rounder suited for the street, drag & roll racing. Naomi's 2JZ S15 is a familiar face in the Queensland drag racing scene, not only known for...

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  • Goleby-s-Parts-1JZ-Ford-Capri-2018-2019 Goleby's Parts
    May 27, 2019

    Goleby's Parts 1JZ Ford Capri (2018-2019)

    After recently parting ways with our Yellow 1jz powered street ke36 corolla (Which we purchased back 2022), it was finally time for us to see what the true potential of our 1JZ 1200hp engine was. We had purchased a ke26...

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